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Using categories and asking questions

Please be sure to post questions or discussion points in the correct category – it should be obvious from the category titles. Please don’t ask questions about your individual subscription or technical issues here, but instead contact Ruthie Hayes at sharonblackiemythmakings@gmail.com.

You may ask me questions at any time and I’ll do my best to keep up, but, depending on the volume, please be patient when waiting for a reply!

Please use the ‘community’ categories to introduce yourselves, and to connect with others who live in the same part of the world. I’ve broken these categories into geographical areas based on past experience but am happy to add more if it seems helpful.

Changing your forum username

Because the forum is a separate plugin on this website, your forum account is different from your general membership account, and you cannot change your forum username in your general account settings. Here is how to do it. Initially, your forum username – the text that shows under your profile image in the forum – is your email address. We defined this as your username for the sake of ease and clarity when setting up your forum membership, but you may not want everyone in the forum to see your email address when you post or interact there. So, we recommend that you change your username – but PLEASE change it to something which includes your given name, so that when I’m replying to your questions or joining discussions I know who I’m talking to. It’s much nicer for everyone that way! Here’s how to do it:

– Click on your name
– then click on ACCOUNT
– then change your NICKNAME to your name. Again, please use your actual name rather than an alias or nickname, so I can see who I’m talking to!
– Click the SAVE button at bottom right of page. Sometimes you might have to do this twice to get it to save properly.
– Go back to the forum and refresh the page. This will load the changes you’ve made.

We’ve made a custom Google map so that you can add your location and we’ll be able more easily to see who is where and to make those all-important connections. Instructions for adding yourself are on the map page, which you can access by clicking on the button below.

Forum rules

– The forum is for discussion about this program and its subject matter only.

– Please don’t post external material, events or links to other websites or articles, or promote your own work or services. Strictly no memes, either! Anything of this kind that’s posted will be deleted.

– Please only post images if they really are essential to what you need to say. Any image posted in the forum is saved in the main Media library for my website, and an excess of clutter will mean I can’t find things which are necessary for creating webpages. If that happens, please understand why I’ll need to spring-clean, and your image will vanish!

– If you do find it necessary to post an image, please only do so if you’ve reduced its size – by using the ‘save for web’ option in image editors, for example. Images should be no more than 200kb max – and ideally much smaller – as otherwise they will slow the site down. Anything excessively large will be removed without notice, so if you’re not sure how to edit your images for size, then it might be best not to post them.

– I’m sure it doesn’t need saying in this setting, but please be nice to each other 🙂 It can be very hard to gauge ‘tone’ on the web, especially when you’re communicating with people you don’t know, and when English might not always be their (or your) first language. Please give each other the benefit of the doubt.

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